Saturday, February 26, 2011

Got to love this October 31st cartridge

Hi, Lesley again.  I'm trying to mix it up a bit this week and have a few layouts, cards and hopefully will get my off the page items completed.

I simply love my Cricut and do not do a layout without using it in some way or another, in the next couple of layouts...yes, a double lot today....I've used the October 31 cartridge so much I don't think there is a cut on it I didn't use.  We don't really celebrate Halloween much here in Australia so I get to enjoy it through my grandson in America.  These pictures are of his 1st Halloween, so was more fun for mum and dad than Henry, don't think he'll remember much about it but he will at least have these memories in my album...I thought because it is what I call the 'silly season' that I could go a bit over the top with these layouts and had a lot of fun doing them, hope you enjoying viewing them as much.

I had so much fun doing this, never having experienced Halloween myself I tried to make it scary, hope it worked.  The next one were his first halloween pictures with his mum and dad so wanted to do a page and include them as well.  Actually I had a piece of Haloween paper I picked up when I was in America so was a little more restricted with what I could put on this one.

Sorry about the picture of this layout, it was one of those days when I couldn't get the shot right no matter what I did, even played with it on PSE  but obviously I need to practice on that a lot more, so have gone with it as is.  I messed up the webs a little more on this one and even used stickles to make it look sort of messier and more scary and cut at the other web a bit, then put gates on like old ones about to fall down....the spiders, well, they look so real I even spooked myself with them.

Well that's it, will be back in a couple of days with something else..


  1. Those are some scary layouts! Love the webs and how you did the effects on them. The behind the widow pic is so cute and makes for a very interesting photo mat!!!! What a great idea for the falling down gate. Wonderful job!!!

  2. You did a wonderful job with Halloween!! Both lo's areso awesome and cool!

  3. Love these LO's. Great job. Henry looks so cute peeking out from behind the scary window. Halloween is fun - too bad you don't have it in Tasmania.

  4. Awesome Halloween LO's!!! I love all the cuts you did from the October 31 cart!