Thursday, March 3, 2011

Party Treats

Lesley again..well my third and last project for the week using my Cricut is a, well lets call it a 'Party Theme'.

I've actually made these for Easter, they will be hidden in various places around the garden for my gorgeous little grandson to find, then 'hopefully' he will give them out to people.

They are based on the Christmas Bon Bons we have in Australia where everyone pulls the end and it has a small popper inside and whoever gets the largest end gets what is inside it, but then of course everyone has to have one so you share the contents around anyway.  At Christmas there is usually a tissue party hat, small treat and a printed joke.

Being Easter, I have filled these with those little chocolate eggs that are wrapped in coloured foil but they could be replaced with toffees or any sort of candy.

I used the current favourite cartridge of mine Paper Lace, guess you could have guess that one lol..

Directions are, you start off with a toilet roll, yes empty, and not used.  In other words I neatly folded all the paper off them and stored it obviously for later purposes.  Just didn't feel like putting any type of food in one that had been used even though they still appear clean.   An empty Kitchen paper towelling roll could also be used and cut to whatever length you want.

SO:...started by painting the cardboard empty toilet roll inside and out, the same colour as the tissue paper I was using.  Filled with the treats the wrapped in tissue paper and glued the long edge with just double sided tape.  Tied a piece of ribbon around each end, and then comes the Cricut part.  I guess you could find lots of cuts on different cartridges, and could even use animal ones or Disney characters glued on to a ring which wraps around the roll, Easter Bunnies...anything.  But I have used this gorgeous scroll cut at 4" using the Layer 1 option, there are also many similar ones to choose from on this cartridge.  That is then glued down.  Then from the same character on your cartridge I have chosen the flower and cut that at 2" that is the black fancy edged one, then cut it using the Shadow option for the b/ground in either blue or yellow.  Place that on 2 square cuts of cardstock which can be any size but you are guided by the size of the roll you use, popped a button in the centre of the flower and then when I tied the ribbon on the end I wanted the tag I just punched a hole and threaded it through before doing the bow....easy peasy and they look so pretty I think...and now I have my Easter treats under way as well.  Hope you give them a try and have fun.  I also add that this basic design was not my idea, I got the inspiration for them from Provocraft.


  1. What a cute idea and the lacy cut is perfect. I really like this idea and can see a lot of applications for it's use.

  2. What a great way to use the Paper Lace cart. This could easily be used for birthday party favors and put little toys and candy inside. I will remember this for sure!

  3. Leslie TFS! I have Christmas Crackers planned as a project in the Jingle Bellas group at Bella Creations. I will definitely post your link!

  4. The Paper Lace Carts is one of my favs!!!

  5. Love this idea!!! Perfect for adults on Easter!!! You are really putting that paper lace cart to good use!