Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Tie, The Boy, The Story

I had so much fun doing this layout.  I love using the 12 by 12 photos.  I order them from our Costco online and in one hour plus the time of the drive they are in my hands. 
Now saying that, when I enlarge them  they are not all ways the greatest photo since the smaller version was not a very good photo.  Which is one of the points of this post. Do not let those poor quality photos stop you!!  Use them!

 For me it is all about the story and the moment in time in which the picture was taken.  I scrap for my Grand kids so they can remember the moments in their lives. 
Everyone of the pictures on this layout is either of  poor color, poor focus or fast movement that came out blurry.  On the second page I over lapped a picture to cover up a blurry hand.  But there is a story here and I so wanted my Grandson to remember the fun we had.

Of course there is the journaling,  In this case there was a story leading up to these photos.  A lot of shopping and the fact that this is a tie from a second hand store.  A very old wool tie that still had the tags on it.  For some reason he fell in love with this tie and it was his first tie. 

The main green paper was black and white so I inked it with Tim Holtz inks and the sponge applicator to match the tie..  It makes it so easy to do large areas with this tool.

I used Graphically Speaking and Design Studio to lengthen the journaling block on the first page.  Still learning this fun program for my Cricut and I must give most of the credit for anything I know about DS to Megan.

Graphically Speaking and Going Places were  used  for the arrows.

Going Places cart, which is a fav of mine was used for the little guy and the camera.  The tie on the little guy was hand cut and added.

Lyrical Letters and my old stand by Plaintin Schoolbook was used for the lettering.

This was a fun story to tell and such a fun layout to do even with the less than perfect photos.  Having fun and recording memories is why I love this hobby so much!!!  Gigi


  1. Thanks for reminding me that this is not a photo contest but lifetime memories that we are recording. The story is precious - I love the camera and the little guy on the bottom and the 12x12 picture is genius! Great job.

  2. You are right, it's about the occasion, not the perfect photo. I love the large photo with the journaling block, very nice effect. Your Cricut work on the 2nd page is very well done, perfectly cut and perfect for the page. Nice work.

  3. These are awesome layouts!! What a handsome boy, and I love the pictures and the story!

  4. Wow you did amazing work! i love the large photo and the story behind the photos! I too love going places and graphically speaking.

  5. So glad I'm not the only one that agrees that it's about the moment/story and not that the picture is perfect. Love love love the LO's.

  6. LOVE the big photo! Love that the story is what is really behind it all! Amazing LO, Gigi!