Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well I'm going to leave you with a couple of simple and very basic tips.  Most will probably know, some won't so thought they may be helpful.

1.  Measurements..When making size adjustments, remember that the letter, phrase or shape you're cutting is always measured from the lowest possible point to the highest possible point  i.e....with a 'b' measurement is from top of upward stroke of b to bottom of rounded edge.

2.  Maintenance...If you find that your Cricut Mat is 'too sticky' and ripping paper when you remove it, here are 2 tips you can try;

 .  Place a sheet of computer printer paper on your mat and lift it several times to remove a little bit of the stick.
.  Use a craft knife or the Cricut Spatula to carefully lift and removed cut images rather than just pulling them off.

Ok, I'm heading off for a 5 day holiday to one of our warmer States with the main purpose to go see a Neil Diamond Concert and a winery or two, and generally relax.  Look forward to seeing what pops up next on our blog to help you use your Cricut a little more...cheers

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