Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hotwheels Tote

My god-son's birthday party was this last weekend. He turned 2. Despite having 2 boys that are still young, for me 2 is a very hard age to buy for. They are too big for "baby" toys, but often too small for "big kid" toys. So I called his mom for help.

She told me he is very into cars and trucks, and especially motorcycles. She also mentioned that his plastic box she had been keeping his cars in is now over flowing. That was enough to get my creative juices going! I picked up a couple motorcycles for him, but I also got him a new box to keep them all in!

My boys love to carry things around, so I wanted to make sure the box had a handle, so he could pick up and carry the tote. I wandered around storage-land at Target and found the PERFECT thing- A large Snapware tote! Of course, I couldn't just buy it and give it to him plain, so I doctored it up a bit with vinyl cuts from the cricut.

(I'm going to apologize now for my lousy photos. I took them with my phone. A friend had my camera this weekend, and I did this project last minute, so I got what I could!)

On the lid, I used the Robotz cartridge to personalize the tote. I used the regular and shadow feature. To layer them, I put the shadow layer down first, then went back and laid the regular letters on top.

On the bottom part of the box, I used Going Places, Paper Doll Dress Up, and Everyday Paper Dolls to make various vehicle cuts. Because of the style of these cartridges, there arent any of layers for the cars and trucks, which makes using them for vinyl really easy!

The "vroom" was cut using the Robotz cart, to match the font on the lid.

The tote was a hit at the party! His mom TOTALLY loved it, and he loved the motorcycles that were in it.


  1. Oh this is an adorable idea! great job!

  2. Awesome idea!! I really need to try my hand at vinyl.

  3. Adorable gift! I have really been interested in cutting vinyl, just been a little hesitant!

  4. What a great gift and you did an excellent job with the decorations, they are perfect for the box and its contents.

  5. So cute Megan!!! Love the decorations and the handle is a wonderful idea for a little one.

  6. Another good idea! I don't think any of us use vinyl enough. It is easy to cut with the Cricut. Super cute toy box.

  7. What an awesome idea and gift Megan, love the container but those vinyl cuts are just awesome, I'm sure my Henry would love one of these and so would his mum...so innovative and a really great job.

  8. Megan! This is great! What an awesome idea....the colors work wonderful and the cuts are perfect!