Friday, May 20, 2011

Huskers Wall Hanging

Today Im sharing with you the second project I did for the May Day Basket Swap I was in. This one was a little more in depth than most of my projects and a bit out of the box for me. My partner was a HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan. (I can relate- Im the same way with my UofA Wildcats). So I wanted to do *something* that tied in with her team love. The first idea was a banner. Which was actually what I was going to do- until the wall hanging idea popped into my head!

(I have already shared this project on my personal blog, so I the details about it are just copy and pasted from there)
I got this 11x14 frame at Michael's using a 40% off coupon. It was an inexpensive frame to begin with, so with the coupon it was down right affordable! :) The background is a piece of astroturf that I picked up a home depot. Such a small amount is really inexpensive also. (Dang! I'm off to a good start with this project!) I used painters tape to tape off the yard lines, and a sponge brush with white acrylic paint to fill them in. Once that dried and I peeled off the tape, I just dabbed the tip of the sponge brush on the turf for the hash marks between the lines.

The Husker logo was a little bit time consuming, but not too bad. I used my cricut and a computer program called Sure Cuts A Lot (which, I believe, is no longer available for use with the cricut). I downloaded a jpeg of the logo and the computer program broke it down to be able to cut the layers (the large N, the word Huskers, and the white background) in the right colors on my cricut. Then I pieced it back together. I used another cricut cartridge (Birthday Bash) for the banner behind the logo, and the "Go Big Red" across the bottom.

The writing that is around the frame itself, is actually 4 separate quotes that can be found on the Nebraska football stadium. They are carved in to the stadium, one on each corner. (I did my homework!). I printed the quotes on the computer, and just using a plain ol' #2 pencil, colored across the backside of the paper. Once the back was covered in pencil, I lightly taped the quote to the frame so the words were lined up where I wanted them. I traced over the letters with the pencil- and the pressure left a pencil line (from where I colored on the back of the paper) on the frame. I was able to then trace the lines with a fine tip white paint pen. It worked really well. I love that I was able to keep it straight, and know how big to write so each quote would fit on the frame.

The last part was the ribbon. I tied it in a knot, then hot glued it to the frame on the sides. I also hot glued the Banner flag to the turf, so it would stay stuck down. None of my other adhesives seemed to work very well.

***Due to disagreements between CraftEdge (SCAL) and Provo Craft, the SCAL program is no longer available in a format compatible with the cricut. This information comes from the Sure Cuts A Lot website***


  1. Go Big Red!! What a great gift for your friend. I bet she loved it. The astro turf looks great and such a good idea. What a week you have had. Enjoyed it a whole lot.

  2. Very nice job, great work on the details. I really like the football field grid, nice idea.

  3. This is amazing!!! Love the turf and the way you did the ribbon. Your printing on the frame turned out great.

  4. Ahhhh! Love it! What a great gift!