Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilting with the Cricut

Gosh am I ever having trouble with blogger, delayed again due to blogger having problems with their dashboard so been down for maintenance, finally up and running.

Well like I promised, something different and thinking outside the square when using the Cricut.
My daughter wanted a quilt for her new born and gave me instructions to make a jungle quilt with the colours that made it look 'jungle like' not pretty with silly coloured animals, so therefore the colours were dictated by that.

I immediately thought of my 'Animal World' cartridge but had never cut fabric on the Cricut before, it did present with a problem because I wasn't confident cutting out the animals with the visoflex (sticky stuff), on the back of it.  So I changed my applique method, cut them bigger and allowed a 'tuck under' seam allowance so I rolled the edges under as I did the blanket stitching.

I used a different cartridge for the crocodile but apologise for not naming it because it was a few weeks ago now since I cut them out and have too many carts to search through at this point.

Well I'll put the animal pics up and the full quilt and hopefully it will help some of you to have the courage to do something different.

Well I hope you liked looking at this different way to use your Cricut.  My daughter loved it and I had fun doing it.


  1. Oh Lesley! This turned out absolutely amazing!!! Such a wonderful keepsake for William!!

  2. This is fantastic!! I love it!!! Love those monkeys!!! A treasure of a quilt to be sure!

  3. oh my gosh! that is so so adorable! Barb is right- the monkeys are the best!! Great work!

  4. Great job!!! The best job I have ever seen on a applique quilt. Isn't it fabulous that you can use the Cricut to cut do beautiful detail and embroidery work.

  5. Absolutely fantastic job on this quilt Lesley! I totally love it!!

  6. WOW. This turned out beautifully. What a wonderful job, it is so prescious. Each panel is a work of art on it's own. I like the colors, too. The Crocodile is from Create a Critter.

  7. This is perfect. Love how this turned out!!!!

  8. Thanks Marlene for the Cartridge I got the Crocodile from, darned if I could find it.

    For the lady that wanted to know what I did to prepare the fabric...nothing, I simply chose good quality quilting fabrics. I must admit I saw a piece for the Zebra that I loved and was more appropriate but it did catch and try to tear it, so I replaced it with another and it was fine. I must admit I was really scared at gettng the fabric caught in the machine but with some encouragement fro a friend on this site (Donna), I gave it a go and was surprised how well it cut.