Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That Font's Where?

Hi All, Michelle again! For my second project to share this week, I am sticking with the Cricut Cart Organization theme.

I am one of those scrappers who likes to utilize the many carts I have. I have realized that if I buy a 'shape' cart, it needs to have a font on it. It took me a while to come to this realization, but once I started this trend, I tend to use my 'shape' carts quite a bit more. Having as many carts as I do, I tend to lose which cart has which font, or which cart has a font for that matter. This is a project I have wanted to do for a while, and once I started it, I wished I would have started it before I got this many carts deep.

What I did was create a Cricut Fonts Book.....

I had a Zutter Bind it All 7.5x5in Flat Spin Cover-All that was just begging to be used on this project. I wanted the cover to some what match the Cricut Book Box I just decorated, but I didn't want it the exact same. So, I used the Car Decals cart again and this time cut a girlie Cricut head at 3.5inches. Since it is girlie, I decided (with the help of my 6 year old niece) that the accent color should be pink, not green. The bow on the girlie Cricut is normally white negative space. I just filled it in with Fruit Punch Stickles....hey, if it is girlie, it has to have the bling factor. I did mimic the title fonts, again using Car Decals and Baby Steps. Once I got my cover glued down, blinged and finished, it was time to figure out how the heck I was going to do the inside.

I think I may have gotten a little over zealous with the amount of pages I added to my book. I cut down 12x12 Bazzill Basics white cardstock to 7.5x5inch pieces. I wanted to have enough for all the carts I have at this point, plus I wanted extra for any carts I get in the future. I was also thinking maybe at some point I can put some of the sentiments that I use more often in their as well....but, that is another time...way down the road. I got out my handy dandy Bind it All 2.0 and started to punch holes in the pages, threaded the O-Wire, clamped them and then realized I had no clue how to organize my carts to cut off of them!

My first step was to figure out which of my carts had fonts, and which one's didn't. Out of all the carts I own, 35 ended up having fonts on them. I started to go through the books randomly and realized that it wasn't going to work this way. So, I set them up on my counter top, in Alphabetical order so I could keep better track of which books I have cut out of.

Once I got them all set up alphabetically, I started in on the cutting. I decided that I was going to just cut the regular fonts. I have only used a shaped font (monogram, balloon, skull) once in my 10 years of scrapping so I figured why waste the space....and the resources. My first thought for cutting (which I tried and it didn't work out very well) was to run my piece of cardstock through my Xyron 900, then cut it with my Cricut. First off, you have to put the piece of paper upside down on the mat and make sure the the 'Flip' button is pressed. I did this for one cartridge and realized it was just too much of a hassle. Last night before I fell asleep I had the idea to use Cricut Vinyl. Marlene suggested the same thing to me today, so I gave it a try and it worked wonders!

I got out my handy dandy label maker (again, NERD alert) and put which cart the cut is off of and which setting I have my Cricut on. So far I am loving having this book. It is handy and hopefully I will utilize all my carts even more than I do now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cricut Book & Cartridge Storage Solutions

Hello All! Michelle here back for another round of projects. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I am a nerd armed with a label maker! I LOVE my label maker! If I could, I would label everything I laid my hands on, him included :) This first project seems to be a subject I am always trying to find ways to organize a bit better and have it be a bit more user friendly. Like most of us, I am limited on scrap space. Even though I have a room dedicated to scrapping, I don't have room for 75+ Cricut Cartridge boxes. It was mentioned on the board (THANKS, MEGAN!) that photo storage boxes are a great solution. I headed out to Micheal's as soon as I got a chance and found 2 Kraft color photo boxes. My first thought was 'YAY! A blank canvas to decorate' and my second one was 'How many should I get?'. The two I found were the only 2 Kraft colored ones they had, so that was an easy answer. I got them home and started to figure out what exactly I was going to do with them. I quickly found that even though they hold quite a few books, the 2 I got didn't hold all my books. I had to decide which books got the most use and which one's I used few and far between. I must say, it was a bit easier than I thought it would be (Bad, I know). I got some white 12x12 sheets of paper and cut them down to 4x6. I got out my handy dandy label maker and started to make labels for each cartridge that I have. I organized the books in alphabetical order and stuffed them into each of the boxes. I was thrilled with the outcome! I have always fought with my cartridge books and never knew how to store them. I travel a lot with my scrap stuff and soon realized that although this is a great storage solution for my home scrapping, it really isn't cohesive for traveling. The boxes are very heavy and they are hard to get in and out of my XXL (no handles and all). So, I decided that I really could make my boxes a blank canvas. As you may have seen, I have a very clean and simple scrap style. That tends to be the same with my altered projects that I do. I decided to only decorate one box since I stack them on my counter. I wanted the design to be all about Cricut. I just received my Car Decals cart and knew this was the perfect cart for the project.

I cut down some Colorbok Black cardstock ($10.00 a pad at WalMart!) to cover the top of the box lid. I cut my Cricut at 5inches from Bazzill Lime Sherbert & layered it on top of Bazzill Basics White cardstock. I colored in the eyeballs with a black sharpies pen.

For the lettering, I used my Car Decals cart (I LOVE that dot font!) and Baby Steps for the shadow & font. I then cut 1inch strips of the Lime Sherbert to line the sides of the lid with. I had some of the black ric-rac laying around and the hubs (I know, right?!) said he thought it would look good as an add on. I held it up and low and behold, I LOVED it! Still simple and clean, but it added a bit of something. It was a quick and easy project but I love how it turned out!

For the cartridges, I have had this SnapWare box for a few years now. I love how easy it is to get in and out of and that it stores all my carts in such a small space. The first thing I noticed with it was that it really was a pain in the behind to find exactly which cart it was I was wanting to use. So, with label maker in hand, I alphabetized them and labeled the tops so I could easily find the cart I wanted almost instantly. I made a new tag for the lid today to match the lid of my book box. For the Cricut head cut, I again used Car Decals, but this time I cut it at 1.5inches.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Surf's Up

Well hello everyone and happy Wednesday! It's Monica and today is my last post for the week...was hoping to squeeze in another one tomorrow but with as busy as my week has been more than likely I won't get it done in time!

I participate in a monthly card swap group and we do different themes each month. This month's theme was seasons of the year...naturally since it is summer I was feeling a little summery and decided to break out my Stampin up stamp called Just Surfing. Think I bought this stamp about a year and a half ago and had never used it. I did use my cricut on this card, but for only 1 element...I did however use my gypsy to set up my design or layout of the card. Works great to get a visual of how your card will look finished. I just used different shapes to layer on the "card" and move them around till I liked the look. Then I did one card to see if I liked it and then proceeded to do an assembly line so to speak for the other 9 cards.

I used Stampin up Tempting turquoise, cameo coral,creamy caramel, and white for the cardstock. For the waves I glimmer misted them with turquoise spray then inked the wave pattern over it when it dried. The "sand" was torn paper that I dry embossed for texture and inked the edges. I also dry embossed my white background paper with the swirls embossing folder to give it a wave effect. Stamped my surf boards and cut them out. Then cut the sun from the cricut using accent essentials for the sun, then chalked with yellow and orange pearl chalks. Then stamped the sentiment on the sun. It is pop dotted on the card for dimension. I ended up really liking the color combination and the card. I always second guess my card making because I am not really comfortable making them, but the more that I do them the easier it gets!
Stay tuned for my cricut designs from the other girls in the group!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

In honor of Father's day I decided to make a couple of cards with the help of my cricut. I did not have the fathers day cartridge for my cricut so I had to get a little creative with my wording. I managed to find a "dad's day" phrase on Designer Calendar. Added a Happy to it and ta da I had a card! I made 3 cards for each of the "dad's" I was going to see today. The first one up was for my brother in law. He is a banker so I felt that the "shirt and tie" suited him well. I can't remember where I found the card idea from but I think it was Disney's family fun magazine. I remember years ago making a gift bag just like this for my preschoolers to present to their dads.

The next card was for my hubby. We bought him a new Keurig Coffee Pot and my son painted him a coffee cup at the store my daughter works. So to go along with the "coffee" theme I made the card to match. I used Jubilee for the title and graphically speaking for the coffee cup. Distressed the edges and inked them up. On the inside of the card I stamped the word coffee and a little coffee bean across the bottom edge of the card.

The last card is for my dad and I just really loved making it! I can't take complete credit for it, but can't remember the person's blog that I went to for the instructions...sorry! I did google handmade fathers day card under images and this one came up. I used lots of techniques on this card. I dry embossed, inked the edges, cut from my cricut the title, and used glossy accents. It is a wallet! I love the great way to give a gift card. I actually put a little note in there and a Chili's gift card and a $5 bill. For the photo I just put gift cards that I had at home.

I will be back soon with some other fun crafty cricut project!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Family Time

Hello there! It's Monica back again! It seemed like just yesterday it was my week to blog for Circut World, time flies by so fast! I was hoping I would come back with some fancy project for you, but all I could pull out of my sleeve was a double page layout! I did use 5 cricut cartridges...hope that is a little impressive! It was to me! I used a sketch from the June 2 page Sketch Challenge over at Scrapbook.com for my design. I decided since I was scrapping I might as well use my cricut as much as possible on a page and not only use it for the challenge but for my blog post as well!

The papers I used are from a K and Company paper line called Smitten. I have had the paper pack for a couple of years, but have always loved the brown, pink, and purple of the papers. So pretty! Under the top left photo I glimmer misted a doily edge with tattered leather and pearl.
These are the cricut cuts:
Stems and leaves-Disney dreams come true
Family Time oval scallop-A Child's Year
Fun-Designer's Calendar
Parenthesis-Cherry Limeade

I think this is the first time I have ever done that many cuts from the cricut on a layout, kind of made me think of all the other things I can do...maybe this week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Altered Can for Granddaugther's Hair ties

Hi it's Bonnie here is a can I altered for my DGD's hair ties
I used Disney Paper and cut her name and the butterfly with Once upon a Princess then put ribbon around it

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The View

This is my youngest Grand Daughter who is 3.  She kept doing this when ever I would get in the shower at their house.  It started in January and then when I visited a couple months later she kept it up.  I thought she would have forgotten about it.  Oh, no not her.  I knew I had to get pictures and scrap this...  One of those "only a Grandmother could love" faces  It is a simple layout but it captures the exact story I wanted to record.

For the title I mixed Nursery Rhymes font and tiny square alphabets, which I love!   I have an array of colors from many companies, Making Memories, Glitz, Cosmo Cricket and more.  They work so well when you want a longer title and have a smaller space.  Used them to put her name on the word bubble also.  I really like to put the Grand Child's name somewhere on the layout just in case the layouts are around years from now.

I had this idea of a women in the shower.  Now, I look nothing like that but hey one can dream. I cut the girl from Forever Young.  Used frosted vellum over the top.

The shower head and the towel are from Everyday Paper Dolls.  Flocked the towel for a little texture.

 Recording the moments of life are the most important part of scrapbooking for me.  Not just a photo but the whole story that goes with it.   I have included a blow up of the journaling.
I know some people hate to journal but I love it.  I use my laptop and print my text out on a piece of cheap paper then I use a removable adhesive to place the paper I want to print on over the previously printed cheap paper

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am very lucky to have 6 Grandkids that range from 18 to 3 years old.  I got this frame a last year with this in mind.  The idea of having mini pages of each grand child all in one frame to use as a wall decoration really appealed to me. 

I tried to capture a little of each ones personality on their mini page...and then bring them all together with the Grandkids title and all the arrows. 

The background piece for the word and arrows is from Home Decor using Design Studio to lenghten it and make it it narrow.  Cut it out of chipboard and then covered that with pattern paper.

The heart came from Plantin Schoolbook and the font from Nursery Rhymes.  Nursery Rhymes is fast becoming one of my favorite fonts.  I had totally forgotten that there is a font chart in the back of the handbook to make it easier to find the letters since they do not show on the overlay...Once I found that it was so much easier to use.

The different arrows were on Accent Essentials, Graphically Speaking, Summer Vacation, Going Places and Don Juan. 

The other items were older supplies that I had in my stash and older papers.  I so enjoy looking at this as I go though my day.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June and Graduation

It is June and for us that means my oldest Grand daughter is turning 18 and graduating all in one week. I saw a card in Paper Crafts Magazine May/ June issue and thought it was such a cute way of holding a gift card or money.

 Money is what I had planned on giving her but then I found out what she really wanted was the Iphone.  Since I had all ready made the card I could not figure out what to do to combine the Bday card and Graduation card together?????  Those phones are expensive and of course hers has to come with a 2 year contact...paid by guess who.  Aww, after much thought I came up with the idea of putting a graduation cap on the 18!!!

I used Hello Kitty Greetings for the clouds and pop dotted one.   Plantain Schoolbook, Roly Poly font for the 18.  Cut it out of cardboard and then layered the pattern paper over it to make it stand out.

I bought myself a set of twine from The Twinery, it comes in so many colors and is a very nice weight, I used that for the clothes line and for the tassel on the hat.  I did not have a cart with the hat on it but I looked on MyCutSearch.com for all the graduation hat images that Cricut had on carts and hand cut this one using their image as a guide.  Now this one is going to have to go in a little box since I put the elements over the edges of the card. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain Forest Cafe Layout

I don't think I ever told who this is - it's Donna.  I have a terrible problem trying to do simple pages or even projects for that matter.  I think I need a "bling intervention."  Doing negative space on LO's is totally out of the box for me.  So, I set out to do a simple LO with only one large focus Cricut cut.  It was very difficult and I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times.  Just kept breathing in and out, in and out.  Finally the torture was over and I did a relative simple page.  What do you think?

I used Plantin Schoolbook on the title and Creative Critters for the frog.  That is all I used - promise.