Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cricut Book & Cartridge Storage Solutions

Hello All! Michelle here back for another round of projects. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I am a nerd armed with a label maker! I LOVE my label maker! If I could, I would label everything I laid my hands on, him included :) This first project seems to be a subject I am always trying to find ways to organize a bit better and have it be a bit more user friendly. Like most of us, I am limited on scrap space. Even though I have a room dedicated to scrapping, I don't have room for 75+ Cricut Cartridge boxes. It was mentioned on the board (THANKS, MEGAN!) that photo storage boxes are a great solution. I headed out to Micheal's as soon as I got a chance and found 2 Kraft color photo boxes. My first thought was 'YAY! A blank canvas to decorate' and my second one was 'How many should I get?'. The two I found were the only 2 Kraft colored ones they had, so that was an easy answer. I got them home and started to figure out what exactly I was going to do with them. I quickly found that even though they hold quite a few books, the 2 I got didn't hold all my books. I had to decide which books got the most use and which one's I used few and far between. I must say, it was a bit easier than I thought it would be (Bad, I know). I got some white 12x12 sheets of paper and cut them down to 4x6. I got out my handy dandy label maker and started to make labels for each cartridge that I have. I organized the books in alphabetical order and stuffed them into each of the boxes. I was thrilled with the outcome! I have always fought with my cartridge books and never knew how to store them. I travel a lot with my scrap stuff and soon realized that although this is a great storage solution for my home scrapping, it really isn't cohesive for traveling. The boxes are very heavy and they are hard to get in and out of my XXL (no handles and all). So, I decided that I really could make my boxes a blank canvas. As you may have seen, I have a very clean and simple scrap style. That tends to be the same with my altered projects that I do. I decided to only decorate one box since I stack them on my counter. I wanted the design to be all about Cricut. I just received my Car Decals cart and knew this was the perfect cart for the project.

I cut down some Colorbok Black cardstock ($10.00 a pad at WalMart!) to cover the top of the box lid. I cut my Cricut at 5inches from Bazzill Lime Sherbert & layered it on top of Bazzill Basics White cardstock. I colored in the eyeballs with a black sharpies pen.

For the lettering, I used my Car Decals cart (I LOVE that dot font!) and Baby Steps for the shadow & font. I then cut 1inch strips of the Lime Sherbert to line the sides of the lid with. I had some of the black ric-rac laying around and the hubs (I know, right?!) said he thought it would look good as an add on. I held it up and low and behold, I LOVED it! Still simple and clean, but it added a bit of something. It was a quick and easy project but I love how it turned out!

For the cartridges, I have had this SnapWare box for a few years now. I love how easy it is to get in and out of and that it stores all my carts in such a small space. The first thing I noticed with it was that it really was a pain in the behind to find exactly which cart it was I was wanting to use. So, with label maker in hand, I alphabetized them and labeled the tops so I could easily find the cart I wanted almost instantly. I made a new tag for the lid today to match the lid of my book box. For the Cricut head cut, I again used Car Decals, but this time I cut it at 1.5inches.


  1. Great storage idea! I really like how you fancied up the photo box too!

  2. I love your clean and simple style, Michelle. Good storage always makes room for more stuff!! Really nice job on the boxes.

  3. Awesome project and love the organization!!!

  4. What a cute the fonts and the bug head!!

  5. Another really great idea, think you've convinced me to get my cards out of the boxes, now to find the right sized box, thanks so much for sharing your great idea and love the lid cover.