Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cricut Markers

This is Donna for your viewing pleasure today.  I am little behind because I have been under the weather for a few days.  I think the Cricut markers are one of the most unused of the Cricut accessories.  You can go on the site for a tutorial on how to load the markers in the machine.  Actually, you just take out the whole blade cylinder and replace with the marker.  Easy.  The example I made today is on a card but the same idea can be carried out on a 12 x 12 if you have the E.   I first started experimenting with these markers when I was doing some journalling.   I found that the simple fonts were the best for clarity and some could actually go to 1/4 inch.  Of course, the larger the more clear it is.  Then I had the idea of doing initals all over the page in different fonts or colors.  Using Creative Critters cart, pick a little funny critter and set page to fit and fill the page with the design.  Then cut a couple of the same critter and pop dot them on the page.  Monogram cards are easy to make when you cover the card with your letter of choice then put one large cut letter on the front of the card.  You can move the marker where you want it by using the arrows on the right.  Don't have an answer on how to get them to exactly lined up so I usually keep it uneven so it looks like I did it on purpose.  Let's all play with this idea and see what else we can come up with.  Go ahead - dust off those markers!
Almost forgot to tell you the font I used was from Simply Sweet and the other cuts were from Wild Card.


  1. Great card! I really love how you used the markers!!!

  2. Love this idea for a word page done in 12 by 12.

  3. What a great idea for the blog Donna, and so well explained it makes me want to go try them, I love your idea of doing as you did for the b/ground and then cutting out and pop dotting the same thing over the top...tks so much for the instructions.