Monday, August 1, 2011

Directions for the mini album

This is my attempt to show how to make the above mini album.  I am not good at describing things and even worse at photography.  My heart is in this and hopefully that will be enough.  I use 12x12 paper but smaller can be used.  I usually use 4 sheets as that makes a really good size.  The first step is to fold diagonally and make use the crease is sharp.
The next step is to fold the page over but only to diagonal crease - do not fold all the way because it will put a crease line across your page.
When you get the below shape, it is time to cut one end off.  That will be the end you need to punch holes in.  Do not cut the bottom triangles.

You can use the cut off triangles to decorate your pages.  Punch holes and put rings or ribbons to hold it together. 

Use a really strong glue to hold the pages together.  Now decorate to your heart's desire!  I would love to see if any one actually understands this and makes one.  Please share it if you do.  Good luck.


  1. Think this confused me a little are going to have to teach this as a mini class to Barbara and me on our trip this month!

  2. Very cute mini book.
    Thanks for the instructions.