Friday, August 5, 2011

Retirment and Photo Fun!!

My Dear Hubby has RETIRED and a party was given for him and a dear friend. I made two photo boards for the party and it seemed like everyone had a great time looking at the photos.

There were so many laughs and giggles and "I remember that." The above board is my Hubbies. For the center I used two layouts that I had done years ago. . I picked them because of the stories they told about our daughters and their Dad.

The top layout is about our oldest daughter and how she and her Dad got stuck on a log while in a race. It was a work picnic and he got teased a lot about it at work.
The lower one is of our youngest daughter's wedding and how her Dad cried when he saw her walking up the aisle as a married women.

Of course, I had to include our wedding.  My, how young we both looked.  The lower picture is my brother, who walked me down the aisle, he was only 12. My girls think he looks older then their Dad.

Also added a section of him with his grandkids.  They were also at the party and thought it was great to see themselves  with Poppa, as they call him.

The other sections were about Hubby when he was a boy and about him and our friends over the years
I used Birthday Bash for his name, love how that font shadows, some fonts have such small shadows but this one has a large one and gives that extra pop of color.

I used George for the quote journaling boxes.  They gave me plenty of room for journaling and a nice size title for each section. 
Nursery Rhymes was used to title each journaling box.  This is one of my favorite fonts. (But maybe there all are!!)
Here is a picture of both photo boards together. 
And finally the guys decked out in their new uniforms, Seems like they will have a second job since I think Gigi will retire now too. 


  1. What a really great idea for the boards on their retirement! I really do like the way you added so much detail and using the cricut makes all the lettering pop!

  2. Oh Gigi - How special this project is! Hope you find a way to preserve it at your house. So much thought and love went into each detail and it shows. Love it!

  3. What a fabulous idea Gigi, love how you designed it and how it turned out, bet it was a hit it is very special, great job.