Friday, August 5, 2011

TeePee Card or Home Decor Item

This card is so fun because it can be a greeting card or a decorative item for a special place.  I learned how to make this from Micupoftea on Bella Creations.  Hope the instructions are clear enough to follow.  You can use any size paper as long as it is square and best if strong card stock.  I like to use 6x6 or 8x8 paper paks. 
If you want to make a card to give or mail, do not glue on side together but instead put a small piece of velcro on each side.  Then you can fold it flat.  If you don't want to mail it, glue the whole thing together.  I added a little ring of beads on the top - they are not glued down just tossed on top.

One last thing, the magic Cricut markers came into play again.  I used Create-a-Critter and printed several different sizes of the animals with a brown Cricut marker.  Then I cut out the same Critter and pop dotted it on.  I added embellies and finally finished.  Hope you enjoyed this project and I am sorry I was a day late and butted into Gigi's time.  This is Donna - See you on the flip side!!!!!


  1. What a cool project. Thanks for posting this one!

  2. Amazing Donna! I really love this idea and think I will be using it for my next card group!!! Thank you!

  3. Another great card Donna, beautifully photographed with easy to follow instructions, another one to try, love what you've done with the markers and such cute animals you've chosen as well, love this and definitely going to try the markers.

  4. How cute... I've got to try this; thanks for the tut pics.